Using a Rocking T Knife for Cooking

When you’re preparing food in your kitchen, whether you’re following a recipe or just making a simple salad, you may encounter challenges — especially if you have weakness in your hands, holding a knife to cut, slice, and chop foods can be difficult.

You might have seen and used a Rocking T Knife at the table. This knife does a good job of cutting your meat, allowing you to use one hand. Its rocking motion eliminates the need to hold down your food with a fork in your other hand. It gives you a little more control over your dining experience than you’d have with a steak knife or other knife.

The Rocking T Knife is also a good kitchen helper. In fact, I would say it’s a “must-have” for any kitchen. You can use it to chop celery; just place the celery stalk on a cutting board and use the rocker knife to slice it in half, lengthwise. Then start at one end of a half-stalk and chop it into smaller pieces with the rocker knife. Do the same with the second half.

You can chop other vegetables, as well. When you’re using a recipe that calls for a chopped onion, just use the rocker knife to halve it. Hold the knife in the center of the onion and push down, using a rocking motion. Split each half in the same way. Then take one quarter at a time and, working lengthwise, cut the quarter into smaller pieces. Continue to chop the pieces until they’re the right size for your recipe.

Use the Rocking T Knife to prepare meats for cooking. Trim the fat from beef or steak. Cut boneless chicken breasts into strips for chicken tenders, or into small cubes for chicken fajitas. Use it to slice cooked meats for serving. To make slicing easier, let the meat cool for 10 minutes beforehand.

If you find peeling fruits and vegetables difficult, use the rocker knife to halve them. For example, thrust the knife into the center of an apple or a potato, then push down, using a rocking motion, to cut it in two. Place each half cut-side down on a cutting board. Use a vegetable peeler to complete the job.

You’ll find that your prep time is shorter, and your frustration level is smaller when you use a Rocking T Knife for cooking. You’ll enjoy trying new recipes, and including different foods, when you can cut, slice, or chop them easily.

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